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Refilling Procedure for Cartridge inks

Depiction of holes

Use any hole for black cartridge.

Holes for color cartridge are shown in the image


Canon cartridges


HP cartridges

Steps for refilling ink cartridge:


Step 1: Remove sticker on top of the cartridge


Step 2: Drill or enlarge holes if required (May not be required in HP Cartridges)


Step 3: Take the ink in the syringe and fill in the respective holes slowly


Step 4: Rub the cartridges on tissue paper to see if all colours are coming. If yes refilling is proper.


Step 5: Insert the cartridge in printer and take print


Missing colors?


Follow the steps below If colors are missing on a tissue paper or lining comes on the print like this 

Solution 1: Soaking the head in Luke warm water

 Take some luke warm water (Height: 1/4 inch)
Keep the print head soaked in water for 10 mins (Do not dip the electrical contacts)
Rub the print head on a paper napkin to see if all 3 colors are appearing.
If on taking the print, lining like this is coming, repeat step 1 again or proceed to Solution 2

Solution 2: Negative pressure using suction tool (Click here for detailed instructions)

Tip: Alternatively you can blow air in the cartridge if you don’t have the suction tool
Gather the above items:
1. Suction tool
2. Syringe
Fit the cartridge in the cartridge holder and apply negative pressure using syringe
The problem generally gets resolved using these steps but if it doesn’t repeat the steps above.
Note: If the printer is not detecting ink cartridge or the cartridge has failed then new cartridge needs to be bought.
A cartridge is a consumable and can be refilled on an average 4-5 times, however, there is no hard and fast rule to that. If the cartridge has worn out then new cartridge needs to be purchased
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