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Who we are?


What We Do ?

Needle Inkjet Technologies is the sister concern of Palson Industries. Established in 1976 and based in New Delhi, India, we, Palson Industries, have more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing inks.

We have been manufacturing ribbon ink ever since computers didn't exist. We were the first to formulate the ribbon inks and start its commercial production in India. Back then, the ribbons were used in typewriters and later on in dot matrix printers when the computers came in.

We are sure that you must have come across the ink from our factory if you have ever printed a pass book in any bank of India or bought a physical railways ticket!

And lately we have started manufacturing inkjet inks.

Our only mission is to provide the industry with the highest quality products at affordable prices and we have the equipment and brains for that!


We are proudly serving the industry with consistently remarkable quality inkjet inks that are manufactured as per the international and high customer service standards.

With our high-value product range and intelligent solutions, we aspire to carve out a significant and long-lasting spot for ourselves in the Indian and International Inkjet ink markets.

Team Members


Vijay Pal Gangwani

B.E., Delhi Technological University

He possesses 40+ years experience in the field of print media. He provides an overall direction to the organization and plays active role in product development.


Ankit Gangwani (H) (SRCC), Chartered Accountant

He possesses 40+ years experience in the field of print media. He provides an overall direction to the organization and plays active role in product development.

Vision, Mission & Goals

Needle Inkjet


Our Vision

To deliver solutions and services through congruous integration that surpass the expectations of our esteemed clients.


Our Mission

The only mission of 'Needle' Brand is to provide people with made in India, high quality and low-cost products.


Our Goals

Being an undefeated player while building a good reputation in the inkjet printing industry by providing technologically advanced products, building good relationships, and having reasonable profitability.

How we do?

Striving on our way of working towards excellence

01 - Robust R&D

We understand that R&D is the only key to achieve our objective of providing high quality products at affordable pricing. Hence we invest significantly in our R&D activities. Below are the highlights:

  • Fully equipped Laborotary 
    We have a fully equipped Lab where formulations are tested multiple times before rolling them out on the production floor

  • We are up to date
    We invest a good amount of time in reading and updating ourselves with the latest developments in the industry

  • We stay connected
    We are attendees of all major events pertaining to our industry where we stay connected with all major equipment and raw materials manufacturers, and chemists globally.

02 - Quality Assurance
We work hard to ensure that our customers get the same quality every time. Few highlights of our quality assurance practices are:

  • Raw material Sourcing
    We ensure that we source all our raw materials from reputed sources who are known to maintain consistency in their products

  • Batch testing
    Each batch we manufacture is tested in terms of physical parameters and color strength

  • Automated processes and plant
    We constantly invest towards automation so that it involves minimal human interference and hence reduces the margin for error

  • Documentation
    We maintain strong paperwork as regards the batches we manufacture so that we are able to backtrack the flaws, if we find in any batch.

03 - Customer service

We strongly believe that good customer service is one of the prime aspects of a great business:

  • Technical supportWe have a dedicated customer helpline which helps our customers in troubleshooting

  • Feedback mechanismWe constantly work towards gathering feedback from customers and incorporating that in our products

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